Who am I?

Hello guys!

I am Vegyuan who is having a vegetarian diet of no consumption of Allium vegetables and consume dairy product since birth! Since young till now, people tend to call me as “Yuan” which is my last name. In the past, I like to add in “#Vegyuan” onto my Instagram food post for my own purpose for ease in searching.

As time goes past, I decided to create a blog just mainly for my personal usage. Create the post with information, photos and reviews of the food in case I cannot remember how’s the food taste or where it is located. The Instagram post has the word limit and unable to organize it in the way I want it to be.

However to my least expect, people tend to message me for more updates on the Instagram and blog post as they are following it for more information of the Veg eateries and review of mine. Eventually, I slowly revamp the post writing style along the way in my passion for food sharing.

I have a sensitive stomach which will give me the feels of stomachache and diarrhea whenever I consume food that’s contaminated with meat or Allium vegetables like onion, garlic, leek, shallot and chives. I am Lactose Intolerance means I will having diarrhea if I consume Milk product.

Whenever I am having the feels of stomachache or diarrhea, I will flashback of what had I eaten which giving me these stomach reaction. Slowly trace and follow up with it.

I love to travel to other countries to experience the local’s culture, life and food. I will prefer to self prepare myself with places and veg eateries onto Google Map before setting off. Whenever we tried to search “Vegetarian food without onion/garlic” in that country, it will usually lead to no result. Thus, it is a challenge for our diet to research food in overseas and eventually lead us to believe that there is a limitation of such veg food without allium vegetables.

This is one of the strong factors which motivates me to continue to write and share the food that I tried in overseas for others. Even though knowing the result of diarrhea due to Lactose Intolerance, I will continue to update and try dairy product type of food in overseas for others.

To make things more memorable and interesting, I would try to limit my budget for every trip and see how much stuff I can do with that limited amount of money but not compromising on food and most importantly, safety.