Sweet Veggie

Sweet Veggie

Ruko Kintamani Blok E No. 17, Sungai Panas (Seberang Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya)
Batam, Riau 29456, Indonesia

Operating Hours:
– Daily (Closed on Tuesday)
10.00 AM to 9.00 PM

+62 823-8474-4434

Ayam Cobek (Chicken Mushroom set)
Tipan Tahu (Hotplate Tofu)
Petai Telur (Spicy Petai with Eggs)
Sambal Tempeh
Sup Rumput Laut (Seaweed Soup)
Nasi (Rice)

– Close proximity to Obeans (walking distance)
– 15 minutes car ride from Batam Centre ferry terminal 

– Plenty of car park in surrounding neighbourhood

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service
– Speaks Mandarin, Basic English & Bahasa Indonesian

Ayam Cobek (Chicken Mushroom set) – 25,000 rp
Tipan Tahu (Hotplate Tofu) – 15,000 rp
Petai Telur (Spicy Petai with Eggs) – 15,000 rp
Sambal Tempeh – 15,000 rp
Sup Rumput Laut (Seaweed Soup) – 12,000 rp
Nasi (Rice) – 5,000 rp


As it was the last day of this trip, most of our budget is almost hitting the limit. Despite that, we still wish to have a good meal before heading back to Singapore. When my Batam friends asked about what type of food that we are craving to have as the last meal in Batam, I only mention “Affordable yet Delicious food”.

After much consideration and research, they recommended us to Sweet Veggie which is within 15 minutes car ride from Batam Centre ferry terminal. The eatery operates on two floors; the second level is air-conditioned but there is no specific nice view through its windows. However, there are cute drawing on its walls! PIKACHU!!!

The staff know how to communicate in Mandarin, Indonesian, Malay and basic English thus we do not have any issue in ordering the food! *Thumb up* Many times, the locals are not able to understand us due to language barrier and thus end up ordering wrong dishes.

I was craving for spicy food and accidentally ordered more than what we can finish. Ayam Cobek (Chicken Mushroom set), Petai Telur (Spicy Petai with Eggs) and Sambal Tempeh; above average level of spicy. In the end, we spent roughly 2 hrs trying to finish the food (my friends given up as it is too spicy for them).

I will definitely come back here again as there are many dishes on the menu which i have not yet try!


Ayam Cobek (Chicken Mushroom set) – 25,000 rp
– Green chili mixture is the main actor of this dish!
– Others are well cooked but it tasted even better with the green chili mixture (can request for more)

Tipan Tahu (Hotplate Tofu) – 15,000 rp
– Decent taste and serving portion
– there aren’t much feedback about this dish

Petai Telur (Spicy Petai with Eggs) – 15,000 rp
– One of my favorite dish!
– Combination of Egg and Petai with spicy kick!
– Petai is fresh too!

Sambal Tempeh – 15,000 rp
– Stir fried tempeh with the spicy sauce
– Personally prefer that it can be fried longer to make it more crispy

Sup Rumput Laut (Seaweed Soup) – 12,000 rp
– Seaweed~ Oh~ Yes~
– Intended to order another bowl but others can’t eat anymore


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