Etcetera Vegetarian & Coffee at Food Point of Nagoya Hill Mall

Etcetera Vegetarian & Coffee at Food Point of Nagoya hill mall

Nagoya Hill Lt. 2, Jl. Teuku Umar, Nagoya, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Operating Hours:
– Daily
10.00 AM to 10.00 PM

– Crunchy Sushi Roll
– Flossy Sushi Roll
– Teriyaki Sushi Roll
– Bibimbap
– Soto Vegetarian

– Food Point of Nagoya Hill Mall

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

Crunchy Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
Flossy Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
Teriyaki Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
Bibimbap – 30,000 rp
Soto Vegetarian – 22,000 rp


I have originally wanted to return to Etcetera Vegetarian Cafe, which is a cafe located near to Sky Taste Vegetarian Cuisine. The food there was awesome and definitely worth the trip; however, I received information from a friend that the cafe is currently under renovation. *sad*


Etcetera opened another outlet at Nagoya Hill Mall, Food Point!


We ordered 3 different types of sushi which cost 35,000 rp each, Bibimbap at 30,000 rp and a local dish, Soto vegetarian at 22,000 rp. Among the sushi, we love their Crunchy Sushi Roll and it is “crunchy’ like its name! ❤ Piece by piece till we finished it without realizing it.

Bibimbap; not the same as the Korean bibimbap that we had or known of. It is much similar to Buddha Bowl; which contains few ingredients on the rice. Stir and mix it well before consumption.


Soto Vegetarian is one of the local dishes which has the familiar taste as the version we tried in Singapore. It tasted slightly mild and we wonder if this is the original taste or modified version to suit tourists.

Small tip:
If you having communication issue with the staff as they are not very fluent in English or Mandarin. You can simply look around for other consumers who are able to understand English or Mandarin, they are usually very willing to assist you. The people in Batam are generally kind and friendly! ❤ 


Crunchy Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
– CRUNCHY is the 1st word that strikes your mind after eating a piece of this sushi!
– The mock meat taste like white mock chicken which is quite chewy with great flavour
– Personally will come back for this sushi again! 

Flossy Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
– A generous serving of Flossy fillings on the sushi
– Decent sushi but it is not the type that will make you crave for more

Teriyaki Sushi Roll – 35,000 rp
– Interesting concept of using the Red/Purple Cabbage as the topping to gives another layer of texture to the plain dish
– Tasted decent

Bibimbap – 30,000 rp
– Not the usual type of Bibimbap that we know of
– Similar to the Buddha Bowl style; place the ingredients on top of the rice, mix it well and enjoy
– Overall is decent in taste and generous in serving portion

Soto Vegetarian – 22,000 rp
– one of the local dishes
– Mild in its taste which is suitable for those who prefer light taste
– Generous in ingredients and serving size! 


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