Goveria Vegetarian Foods & Fruits Ice

Goveria Vegetarian Foods & Fruits Ice

Perumahan Mitra Blok H1 No. 12 D, Teluk Tering, Batam Kota, Tlk. Tering, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

Operating Timing:
9 AM to 8 PM

+62 812-6031-0378

Goveria Vegetarian

– Pizza!
– Xiang Chun (Olive) Fried Rice
– Xiao Long Bao
– Shui Jian Bao

– Jackfruit Ice Kachang
– Guo Tie

– Nasi Bakar (Rice wrapped with Banana leaf)
– Soto Soun
– Pizza
– Smoothie

– Plenty of car park in surrounding neighbourhood
– Easy to locate on Google map
– Located at the roadside

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service
– Hand-made dough for food like pizza and bun

Xiang Chun (Olive) Fried Rice – 17,000 rp
Shui Jian Bao – 25,000 rp
Guo Tie – 25,000 rp
Nasi Bakar (Rice wrapped with Banana leaf) – 27,000 rp
Soto Soun – 16,000 rp
Pizza – 50,000 rp
Smoothie – 28,000 rp


I was searching for vegetarian eateries before my Batam trip and was glad to have the chance to liaise with Batam Vegetarian Food (Facebook Page) who is very helpful and helped me to source quite a number of vegetarian stalls which do not appear in Happycow.

Goveria is one of the vegetarian eateries that he shared and it was a GEM! You are able to check with them through WhatsApp or call to check on their operating hours if you are coming down during the festival period.

The left side of the unit is mainly used for celebrations and the right side is for meals for customers. I am unsure if there are any charges to book the room for celebrations; need to check with the staff for the latest update.

There is a communication barrier between the staff and us as we do not know how to speak/understand Bahasa Indonesia. However, they will try their best to understand what we want to order and our inquiry regarding Allium vegetables.
*Pssst… their boss understand Mandarin.*

If you guys intend to order handmade dishes like the bun, pizza and etc; I will suggest you guys make the order as early as possible. They kneed the dough and prepare the bun from scratch and we greatly appreciate that the bun is not those pre-made type from the freezer.

We were not able to remember which pizza we ordered as it is based on the staff recommendation by using the hand sign of thumb up & down. The pizza base is soft with a nice crust topped with a generous serving of cheese.

Shui Jian Bao is a similar dish to Guo Tie, 鍋貼, the bottom side of the Bao is pan-fried. The ingredients of the filling are similar to the filling of popiah that we usually have in Singapore just with a mild peppery taste.

The month of June 2018

Every single trip to Batam, I will drop by Goveria for a meal! Just for this month, this is my 2nd & 3rd trips! Are you able to feel my passionate & loyal towards their food? *giggling*

Standard order:
– Avocado Chocolate smoothie 
– Xiang Chun (Olive) fried rice
Their fried rice always gives me the amazing feeling and unique aroma which cannot find it at other places.
Avocado & Banana Smoothie are really fresh and sweet at the right point!

We tried Nasi Bakar (Rice wrapped with Banana leaf) which is something different and locals type of dish. The rice is filled with the banana leaf aroma which makes it more tasty and flavorful!

Interior of Goveria


Seats outside of Goveria


Pizza – 50,000 rp
– Recommended by the friendly staff
– Crispy on the outside! Can feel the Softness from the inside!
– Freshly hand baked!

Tom Yam Pizza
– Tom yam taste is very mild (hope it can be stronger)
– pizza is the same standard as usual
– Generous in ingredients like cheese, filling and etc

Xiang Chun (Olive) Fried Rice – 17,000 rp
– Quite a popular dish among the diners when we were there
– Taste delicious with great fragrance
– No regret to order this dish! 

Xiao Long Bao
– Handmade!
– Generous filling of ingredients which will satisfy your hunger
– The skin is not those thin type which cant feel the enjoyment of chewing it
– Do not try to chew the whole bun as it is very hot inside!

Shui Jian Bao – 25,000 rp
– Similar to Guo Tie, 锅贴
– Crispy fried on the bottom layer
– Less peppery in taste

Guo Tie (Curry & Vegetable) – 25,000 rp
– Allow choosing of both flavours on a dish
– It is a quite individual preference towards which flavour taste better. 
– Personally will go for the curry flavour however my other friends prefer the vegetable filling instead. 

Nasi Bakar (Rice wrapped with Banana leaf) – 27,000 rp
– the rice is filled with the banana leaf fragrant which helps to enhance its taste
– the mock meat is crunchy yet not oily! Nice!
– Add some chilli to enhance the overall taste and experience

Smoothie – 28,000 rp
– Avocado Chocolate
– Banana Smoothie
– Can taste the freshness of the fruits!
– No taste of sugar water added into the smoothie
– Recommend!

Jackfruit Ice Kachang
– Does not have the sickening milky taste
– Can taste the freshness of the jackfruit!
– Best dessert to eat it during such a hot weather!



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