Obean (Batam)

Obean (Batam)

Komplek Ruko Bukit Beruntung Blok B No.2-3, Sungai Panas, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia


Operating Hours:
– Daily (Closed on Mondays)
10 AM to 9 PM

+62 823-9173-3388

Obean, Batam

– Organic Soya
– Black Soya with Red bean
– Seaweed Century Egg (Fried Egg)
– Signature Claypot Soya Porridge (small)

– Plenty of car park in surrounding neighbourhood
– Easy to locate on Google Map

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

Organic Soya – 22,000 rp 
Black Soya with Red bean – 28,000 rp
Seaweed Century Egg (Fried Egg) – 45,000 rp
Signature Claypot Soya Porridge (small) – 65,000 rp


I believed that most of us has heard the news about the passing of the founder of Obean, Klee Tan in 2017. After which, his main outlet at Tanjong Pagar (Singapore) ceased operation due to certain issues. For those that missed or has never tried Obean before, you may want to make a trip down to Batam as the outlet here serves food of similar standards as the main outlet!

Obean is famous for using Soybeans to create wonders in their food and beverages. Soybeans are filled with different health benefits! Soybean are very good source of manganese, phosphorus, and protein as well as iron, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibre, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin K and potassium.

Obean is on top of the list of Veg eatery that I will bring my non-veg friends for a meal together! Dishes like the Curry Chicken Cutlet, Signature Porridge will let them have a different view towards veg food! This is very important as a good start will pique their interest towards how amazing veg food is. (This is my strategy to catch non-veg friend attention and make them message me themselves for veg meal in the future. *smirk*)


We are really satisfied with the services from the staff who were very friendly and answer our queries/request promptly too. We are also impressed with their cleanliness and the atmosphere of the cafe. Top tier standard! ❤

After browsing through the menu, we were tempted to order few more dishes; however our stomach was really hitting the limit and thus we only manage to order Seaweed Century Egg (Fried Egg) and Signature Claypot Soya Porridge (small) *which is one of my all-time favourite type of dishes in Obean!


Signature Claypot Soya Porridge –  it is served along with 5 sides (century eggs, you tiao(fried dough), seaweed, coriander and egg). As for those who do not consume eggs, you are able to make a request to opt it out when ordering. After being served, the waiter will crack the egg into the porridge before covering it.

Even though we ordered a small serving size, but the serving IS NOT SMALL at all (no matter which angle and how you look at it)!!! It can be shared with approximately 3 people without any issue. Porridge is still warm even after we keep stirring it non stop for a few minutes. We really like the porridge after mixing it well with those sides dishes which helps in enhancing the flavor! ❤



Seaweed Century Egg (Fried Egg) – 45,000 rp
– Century egg is the main ingredient which brings out the flavor of this dish
– The texture of the century egg blended well with the fried egg
– However, its taste might be overwhelming or sickening if you are eating this solely
– Best to consume along with other dishes like rice, ramen and porridge

Signature Claypot Soya Porridge (small) – 65,000 rp
– It is served along with 5 sides (century eggs, you tiao, seaweed, coriander and egg)
– Serving portion large enough for a minimum of three people (it could be four people)
– Mixed all the ingredients well with the porridge for the best taste of it!



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