The Clef Cafe, 音符

The Clef Cafe, 音符

60 Jurong West Street 91, #01-09 Nanyang CC, Singapore 649040


Nearest MRT:
Pioneer MRT (EW28)

Operating Timing:
– Daily
11 AM to 10 PM

+65 9730 9158

Facebook Page:
The Clef Cafe

– Fish Congee
– Duck Congee
– Sambal Chicken Nugget
– Chicken Marconi Pasta
– Toasty
– Blue Curacao

– within 1 km of walking distance from Pioneer MRT (EW28)
– Near to City Harvest Church
– Spacious interior sitting area

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

– Fish Congee – $4.80
– Duck Congee, $4.80

– Sambal Chicken Nugget – $5.80
– Chicken Marconi Pasta – $13.80
– Toasty – $16.90

– Blue Curacao – $6.50

Interior Design of The Clef Cafe

Menu + Ice Cream + Cakes


An impromptu decision to have our meal at this new veg cafe located at Jurong West as I was in the neighbourhood to meet up with a friend.

The cafe is located at Nanyang Community Centre which is approx. 10 minutes of walking (approx. 1km) from Pioneer MRT.

The Clef Cafe is a cafe that sells vegetarian food, ice cream, waffles and cakes.
– No onion/garlic
– No meat
– No alcohol

There are a few dishes that suitable for the vegan to consume (No egg & Milk):
– Fish/Duck Congee
– Sambal/ Fish/ Sour & Sweet/ Chicken nugget Rice
– Tapioca fritter
– Spring roll
– Ngoh Niang

Kudos to the staff who was willing to help us double check with their chef in the kitchen which are the dishes that are safe for the vegans  ❤

Even though today is their first day of opening, the staff know what they are doing and everything runs quite smooth with much of an issue.

We tried two dishes and it was surprisingly good! The fish congee tasted great and it goes well with the sambal chilli that we had for our chicken nuggets. Definitely will order the fish congee if I will like something light for my meal.

The serving portion of the Sambal Chicken Nugget may seem small but it was filling and I almost couldn’t be finished it. The sambal chilli is really on another level and up till now, I’m still craving for it.

The atmosphere of The Clef Cafe is soothing and pleasant, I may come back someday with my friends to try out the other dishes on their menu.


Went down few more times recently and realised there is “V” indicator beside the dish to show that this dish is suitable for the Vegan to consume! That’s really thoughtful of them! ❤

Get to try Toasty which is new on the menu! You get to choose any 2 ice cream (Premium or Normal) at the fixed price of $16.90. The staff shared that the Toast will be HALF of a loaf of bread which immediately make us doubt about it. When the Toasty served in front of us, all of us just stunned for a few moment. Legit! HALF of a Loaf of bread! Oh my gosh! After slicing the toast, there are whipped cream and marble cakes inside! WOAH!!! This dish totally blew our mind! ❤ *insert the explosion effect*


Fish Congee – $4.80
– One word: Tasty!
– Generous portion and served warm~ ❤

Duck Congee, $4.80
– One of the famous dishes!
– Suitable for all ages! ❤

Sambal Chicken Nugget – $5.80

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Sambal chilli is the main key ingredient to this dish! (able to request for more sambal with the staff)
  • The vegetable is crunchy and flavorful too! (Quite surprising that it is not bland)
  • This set comes with a small bowl of soup

Chicken Marconi Pasta – $13.80

  • Creamy yet not sickening in taste!
  • the similar sensation of eating Mac & Cheese! *OMG*

Toasty – $16.90

  • Choose 2 flavours of Ice Cream (Premium or Normal)
  • Half loaf of a bread! HALF!
  • Whipped Cream and Marble cakes can be found inside the Toasty

Blue Curacao – $6.50
– Soda-ish kind of drinks
– Stir well before enjoying! ❤
– Sweet taste with a gassy


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