Samurai Ramen Malaysia

Samurai Ramen Malaysia

Lot S107, 2 level, AEON Mall Tebrau City, 1, Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100, Johor Bahru, Johor.

Operating Hours:
– Daily
10 AM to 10 PM (last order, 9.30 PM)
– Fri & Sat
10 AM to 11 PM (last order, 10.30 PM)

+60 18-375 3151

Facebook Page:
Samurai Ramen Malaysia

– Obanzai plate
– Vege Sushi, Chashu Mayo
– Curry Rice
Chahan (Fried Rice)
– Okonomiyaki (mayonnaise/mustard)
– Katsu Curry
– Korokke Curry
– Curry Ramen
– Ninja Miso Ramen
– Karamiso Ramen

– AEON Mall, Tebrau City
– All grab/uber/taxi drivers know where is this shopping mall

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

– Obanzai plate
– Curry Rice
Chahan (Fried Rice)
– Vege Sushi, Chashu Mayo (2 pcs) – 5.90 RM
– Vege Sushi Kappa Maki – 4.90 RM
– Paprika Sushi – 4.90 RM
– Okonomiyaki (mayonnaise/mustard) – 4.90 RM
– Korokke Curry – 21.90 RM
– Katsu Curry – 22.90 RM
– Karamiso Ramen – 24.90 RM

– Ninja Curry Ramen – 35.90 RM (set meal)
– Ninja Miso Ramen – 35.90 RM (set meal)

Brief Introduction:

Samurai Ramen started off in Japan and has opened 8 outlets till date.
– No MSG
– No Alcohol

“Throughout ramen, we aim to cross the boundary of taste and spread the unique authentic taste of Japanese ramen.”
From Samurai Ramen

To allow more people to enjoy the authentic taste of Japanese ramen, they create Samurai Ramen Umami! Anybody is able to purchase this instant ramen packet and enjoy it at their own pace! How thoughtful they are! ❤
(Samurai Ramen Umami is available through their web page, facebook page, and outlets!)
*Samurai Ramen does not have halal certification.*


Samurai Ramen Malaysia is a Vegan Japanese restaurant with Buddhist vegetarian option available. However, there are still quite a number of dishes waiting for us to consume and try out! This is their very 1st outlet in Asia which they have planning to open few more outlets in other Asia countries like KL and Singapore!

I came to this outlet 4 times within the month of Nov with different friends to let them experience the feeling of authentic Japanese ramen in Asia country. Of course, I can get to try more dishes and update my database for Samurai Ramen Malaysia too! *MUHAHAHAAA*

  • Every person gets to serve a free flow of warm green tea (that explains the service charge of 10%)
  • Samurai menu is for consumers who able to consume allium vegetable
  • Ninja menu is for consumers who unable to consume allium vegetable
  • Set meal consists of a Main dishObanzai plate + an option of Chahan (Fried Rice) or Curry Rice

Initially, the Ninja ramen soup and the Okonomiyaki are too over-salty to the point that we are unable to finish the dish. Both of us spammed the warm green tea drinks in hope to reduce the saltiness taste. Before leaving the place, we did share the feedback with the pretty Japanese lady restaurant manager about the saltiness level of the food.

For the next few visits, the food is not as salty as when we 1st tried it. The staff and restaurant manager are very friendly as experienced on the 1st trip. *thumb up*
Able to experience the feel of home when dining at Samurai Ramen Malaysia~

Karamiso Ramen is a new dish which has just been added to the menu to let consumers challenge its spiciness! The store manager shared that this is an endless challenge as you are able to request more of their custom-made chilli onto the ramen.  (A small charge is required after 5th level of spiciness)



– Obanzai plate
– Side dish comes along with set meal
– Fried potato ball
– Mash potato

– Curry Rice
– Come along with set meal (option)
– a small bowl of rice with their Japanese curry with bits of potato and carrot

Chahan (Fried Rice)
– Come along with set meal (option)
– Nice and crunchy feels while eating it!
– It might look simple but it really tasty (maybe coz I am Asian)

– Vege Sushi, Chashu Mayo (2 pcs) – 5.90 RM
– mock ham on the top with sauce (which I still can’t get what’s it)

– Vege Sushi Kappa Maki (4 pcs) – 4.90 RM
– Paprika Sushi (2 pcs) – 4.90 RM

– Small cucumber in a sushi (left)
– Paprika (quite smooth with crunch) on sushi rice (right)

– Okonomiyaki (mayonnaise/mustard) – 4.90 RM
– Japanese pancake with 2 flavours available!
– It might taste a little salty to others
– One of my friend’s favourite dish as he ordered 4 of these within a meal!

– Korokke Curry – 21.90 RM
– Fried mashed potato with Japanese curry!
– Crunchy at the outer layer and soft feels inside it! OMG!!!
– Match with Japanese curry is just another layer of heavenly taste!

– Korokke Curry
– Fried mashed potato with their sauce
– Personally, prefer lesser of the sauce as it is quite salty especially after put too long till it absorbs the sauce

– Katsu Curry – 22.90 RM
– Fried chicken cutlet with Japanese curry~
– I must say that their chef has the great skill in frying food!
– Standard in crispiness is right on the dot!

– Karamiso Ramen – 24.90 RM
– Spicy Miso Ramen which will give you a hard punch in the throat after a moment
– If you love spicy food, may request for more of their chili seasoning! ❤
– Totally love this spicy miso ramen! It is addicting! Oh my love~

– Ninja Miso Ramen
– Miso taste might be too salty for some (able to request for less salty)
– Smooth to throat when consuming it
– Consume the mock meat together with the ramen and soup for better taste

– Ninja Curry Ramen
– Best for Japnese curry and Ramen lovers!
– It is a well-match combination of taste and ingredients! ❤
– Curry is not that spicy compared to Karamiso Ramen thus it is a dish which anyone can consume it without any worry!



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