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What is KindMeal?

KindMeal is an app created to create awareness of meatless food platform in Malaysia (for now) and they are slowly expanding their way to the whole world! (^o^)

kidnmeal apps

Registering an account with KindMeal is completely free of charge and you will be able to enjoy discount just by sharing the deal/promo on your social media! The discount can go up to 25% which is equivalent to 1/4 of the price! ❤

KindMeal has a point system where members can earn points to increase their level and get the chances to win attractive prizes. So you can enjoy the discount and at the same time get a chance to win prizes? Isn’t that great?

So, how do we earn/get points to increase our level?

  1. Using KindMeal Coupon in the Eatery before making payment. (50 exp to 100 exp)
  2. Share your review on KindMoment. (10 exp)
  3. Every comment on a post. (1 exp)
  4. Whenever a friend clicks into any KindMeal shop, deal and etc that you had shared on social media. (1 exp)

KindMeal Profile (as of 09 Nov 17)


  • I have utilised the KindMeal deal at The Black Cat Cafe and VCR (Bangsha) when I was on a  KL trip to Vegan Malaysia Fair 2017. (Each coupon gave 50 exp)
  • I have shared 8 different reviews so far which gave me 10 exp each.
  • I have posted a total of 8 comments on posts that I was interested in! (Each comment gave me 1 exp)
  • Around 18 people clicked those posts that I shared on social media like TwitterFacebook and Instagram. (Each person clicked gave me 1 exp)

Please follow my social media accounts for the latest updates and we can help to grow each other KindMeal Profile!

KindMeal is a wonderful app which gives a platform to many restaurant & cafe to contribute more meat-less options onto their menu to strive towards the vision of a Meat-Less World in the near future!

Hope you guys are able to give your support to KindMeal from today onwards! ❤


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