Mr Bean

Mr Bean

Tampines Hub (up to current date)

Mr Bean

Mr Bean SG

– Japanese Soba
– Soy Burger set (with a cup of soy drink & a cup of corn)
– Black Soy Ice Cream
– 3-in-1 Rice Ball

– Mr Bean at Tampines Hub

– Staff does know what ingredients are used in their products

– Japanese Soba – $5.90
– Soy Burger set (with a cup of soya drink & a cup of corn) – $6.90
– Black Soy Ice Cream – $1.80 (cone) $2.30 (cup)
– 3-in-1 Rice Ball


I’ve heard many reviews from friends about the Soy Burger from Mr Bean but I never had the chance to try it as it isn’t available at all outlets of Mr Bean. I was quite happy to discover that the Tampines Hub Outlet does sell soy burger and Japanese soba! (^_^)

I decided to get both the new items to try as we were really excited to try them after waiting for so long! The Burger – It is indeed filling, tasty and affordable! The sesame sauce has a strong egg taste which makes me craves for more!

Japanese soba was served chilled, and the sesame sauce was packaged separately so that the noodles don’t get soggy over time. To ensure that the sauce is stirred into the noodles thoroughly before consuming for the best taste!

17th Jan 2018

Was pondering about what snack should I get for my dad till I walked past Mr Bean outlet at Our Tampines Hub, I decided to get their black soya ice cream!

Black soya ice cream looks similar to Dofu but it tasted slightly sweeter. For vegans, it is not suitable for you as it does contain milk solid.


Japanese Soba – $5.90



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  • Chilled noodles served with flavourful sesame sauce
  • Generous pe

Soy Burger set (with a cup of soya drink & a cup of corn) – $6.90
– Soy patty with cheese and sesame sauce.
– Sesame sauce contain egg
– $6.90 for a burger, a drink and a snack is pretty affordable.

Black Soy Ice Cream – $1.80 (cone) $2.30 (cup)
– Slightly sweeter compared with Dofu
– Contain Milk Solid
– Healthier type of ice cream compared to others with the carry of sweet taste

3-in-1 Rice Ball
– Chewy feel with filling ingredients of Peanut/Black sesame
– Beancurd at the bottom
– Able to choose the Sugar level of the beancurd soup





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