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– Veggie Burger
– Fries
– Coke

– Located all over Singapore, mainly in major shopping malls
– Plenty of outlets next to MRT Stations

– Majority of the staff are aware of the vegetarian options
– Part-timers might not be aware and this might lead to misunderstanding

– Veggie Burger (ale carte – $4, set – $5.50, up-size set – $6.10)
– Fries 
– Coke


A friend shared with me the poster of Veggie Burger from Burger King which somehow excites me due to the recent hype of Veggie Burger! I had never tried any food from Burger King as my impression of it was there are nothing in their menu that caters to vegetarians.

I realized that this is not the first time Burger King has released the Veggie Burger and on top of that we are able to request for no onion & garlic! As the burger does not contain any patties, I do not have to go through the hassle of checking with the staff if the patty does contains any garlic or onion.

The burger has a very simple layout; Lettuce, tomato and sliced mushroom topped with their sauce. As the burger does not contain any patty, the lower portion of the bun will turn soggy after the bun absorb the juices and sauce of the burger and some people might not like that texture.

Are the fries safe to consume for vegetarian? The reply from Burger King SG’s Facebook was that “the cooking of fries will depend on the operations of the store. Kindly check with the counter staff for more details.”. So please remember to check with the store manager or supervisor if possible before ordering as based on my personal experience, the junior staff might not have the knowledge and might sometime give you the wrong info.

Veggie Burger of BK tastes much better than the version from Mcdonald! This might be due to the fact that I am a more of a mushroom lover than a patty person. I would say that the Veggie Burger tastes slightly similar to Creamy Shroom of  Vegan Burg with lesser creamy sauce and patty. At 4 bucks, the portion and serving of the burger might be slightly expensive for some, but it is no doubt a great alternative if you are in a rush and looking for a quick bite.

Overall, I am still quite satisfied as it is a sign that Burger King and some Fast Food Restaurants are diversifying their menu and introducing healthier options and this in a way great news for us as now we do have something to order when we are at Burger King. The Veggie Burger is not suitable for Vegan as their bun is not eggless, the chili Sauce is not suitable for Vegetarian like me who cannot consume garlic.

Veggie Burger, Up Size Set Meal – $6.10


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  • Simple layout of Veggie Burger
  • Similar concept as Creamy Shroom of Vegan Burg
  • Slightly salted fries taste great with the burger 


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