1. 44 Jalan Eunos, 419502
2. 1466 Haight Street San Francisco, California

Operating Hours:
– Monday-Sunday and Public Holidays
11.30 am to 10 pm (last order 9:45pm)

San Francisco
– Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, Sunday
11 am to 9 pm (last order 8.45 pm)
– Tuesday
11 am to 7.30 pm (last order 7.15 pm )
– Friday & Saturday
11 am to 10 pm (last order 9:45pm)

+65 6844 6868, Singapore
+1 415-548-8000, San Francisco

Facebook Page:
VeganBurg Main FB Page
VeganBurg (Singapore)
VeganBurg (San Francisco)


– Cracked Mayo
– Creamy Shrooms
– Hawaiian Teriyaki
– Tangy Tartar
– Mini Meal
– Thriller Burger (Special Edition)
– Seaweed Fries

– Sizzlin Broccoli
– BBQ Franks
– Trufflebello (Limited Edition)

– Walking distance from Eunos MRT
– Able to find parking lots in nearby HDB

– Friendly staff with good customer service
– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Lovely Smile to brighten your meal

(Combo Set: Seaweed Fries/Broccoli + a 16oz drink – Additional $3.90)
– Cracked Mayo – $7.90
– Creamy Shrooms – $8.90
– Hawaiian Teriyaki – $9.90
– Tangy Tartar – $9.90
– Mini Meal – $8.80
– Thriller Burger (Special Edition) – $10.90
– Seaweed Fries – $3.90
– Sizzlin Broccoli – $3.90
– BBQ Franks – $5.90
– Trufflebello (Limited Edition) – $11.90 


Whenever I had to crave for Burger, VeganBurg is the one which strikes my mind! Ever since they first opened in Oct 2010, I had tried most of the burgers that are suitable for Vegetarian who do not consume Allium Vegetables. Initially, their Burgers are quite huge and suitable for 2 pax for the average eater. Year by year… The burger slowly decreases in serving portion to suit Asian appetite according to the feedbacks. To current serving portion with Combo Set, it is still considered quite filling like a well spent on the satisfying meal.

Seaweed fries is one of the factors which attracted us to go VeganBurg too! Among those fries that we tried so far, their seaweed fries is the best of all~ The serving portion did decrease time by time as the burger portion however it remains the top-tier standard at all times!

The all-time favorite burger is the Creamy Shrooms even there is Special edition Burger release on occasion. I am a person who likes to eat the mushroom and thick creamy soup thus when I 1st try this burger, it gives me the excitement sensation which I never ever tried before. Its standard remains the same throughout the years and tastes totally the same whenever I had it in their Outlet or through take away.

VeganBurg = Vegan Burger, thus its have more burgers that contain garlic/onion in raw/sauce/patty form. Being a vegetarian that does not consume garlic & onion, it is wise to make a practice to check out for OP (optional) icon beside the burger. The staff is willing to assist and clear any doubts about the ingredients that you have the concern in.

6th Nov 2017

Went there for friends gathering session and get the chance to try their latest limited edition of Trufflebello Burger! It is just the combination of my favourite food; Truffle, Portobello Mushroom, spicy feels, and burger.

If you are a lover of…
– Portobello Mushroom
– Truffle
– Spicy
– Burger
Trufflebello is the burger that you MUST give a try! The burger may seem to be slightly smaller compared to other burgers on the menu but it is filling enough as my dinner. (You may request to remove garlic/onion from this burger.)

After the 1st bite of a spicy taste, you will start to crave for more! It is legit very tasty and SHIOK!


– Creamy Shrooms – $8.90
– Sizzlin Broccoli – $3.90
– BBQ Franks – $5.90
– Seaweed Fries – $3.90


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

– Creamy good match with shrooms to give the heaven sensation!
– Broccoli is served by boiled & chilled with ice to make it crunchy and reserve its nutrients.
– Not those usual mock meat type of sausage! It is tofu sausage which makes the meal healthier!
– Seaweed Fries… unable to find any word to describe how tasty it is! Must try if you have not tried it!
– Thriller Burger (Special Edition) – $10.90
– Actual set comes with Twister Fries (with onion powder) thus requested to swap with Seaweed Fries
– You may like the patty as it tastes quite different from others!

– Trufflebello (Limited Edition) – $11.90
– Heavenly combination of truffle, portobello mushroom and spicy taste
– Portobello mushroom is deep fried till crunchy
– With every bite makes me craving for MORE!



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