Green on Earth

Green On Earth

2 Phoenix Rd, Singapore 668156

Operating Hours:
– Daily
11 am to 10 pm

+65 6769 2230


-奶油炸鲍鱼菇, Deep Fried Butter Abalone Mushroom
-麻辣香锅, Mala Hotpot
-煲仔面, Claypot Noodles
– 麦片豆腐, Oatmeal Beancurd

– Walking Distance from Phoenix LRT
– Plenty of carpark in surrounding neighborhood

– Friendly staff with good customer service
– Prompt in taking orders and serving

– 奶油炸鲍鱼菇, Buttery Deep Fried Abalone Mushroom – $10
– 麻辣香锅, Mala Hotpot – $3 per 100g
– 煲仔面, Claypot Noodles – $5.90
– 麦片豆腐, Oatmeal Beancurd – $10



A few months ago, did make a trip down to try their foods when they just started. We never have a good impression of the foods like Laksa and etc as it tastes quite average with an overpricing amount.

When saw posts that they start selling 麻辣香锅 as their main dish. I am quite reluctant to make a special trip down to try as it is seriously far from where I work and live. Friends start to keep persuade me to try on their 麻辣香锅 as I am seeking around for such 麻辣 dish recently.

Head down with friends and ordered the 中辣 (Middle range) of 麻辣 with ourself-picked ingredients. It really smells nice and giving the sensation of 麻 & 辣 which I am seeking for all this while. I had made a special trip to try various places that have 麻辣 type of dish on their menu like 麻辣锅烧面 but it can’t meet the main criteria of 麻 & 辣.

5 different range of 麻辣:
1. 小辣, Small spicy range
2. 小中辣, Small to Medium spicy range
3. 中辣, Medium spicy range
4. 中大辣, Middle to Strong spicy range
5. 大辣, Strong spicy range

Recently had tried 大辣 of 麻辣香锅, feel that it is not much huge difference from 中辣. The sensation of 麻  kicked in earlier than 中辣 however it does not make us feel as spicy as we previously tried on 中辣 of 麻辣香锅. We are not sure if the ingredients that we choose tend to lower the spicy level of it. Need to try few more times for clearer conclusion for this area.

Green On Earth 

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– 奶油炸鲍鱼菇, Deep Fried Butter Abalone Mushroom – $10
– For those who love to eat sweet type of dish
– Well fried with crunchy feel

– 煲仔面, Claypot Noodles – $5.90
– Average standard

– 麦片豆腐, Oatmeal Beancurd – $10
– Same same but different from usual dish like Cereal Prawn
– love the tofu texture!

– 麻辣香锅, Mala Hotpot – $3 per 100g
– Delicious as it seems to be!
– Legit smell and taste nice!
– Best 麻辣香锅 that I ever tried till this date!


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