Tanjong Pagar Centre, #B2-24 Singapore 078884

97217105 & 65818164

Operating Hours:
– Daily (Closed on Sundays)
11.30 am to 8.00 pm

– Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT (EW15)
– Exit the gantry, walk straight and turn left
– “grEAT” outlet and “The Hans” outlet will be on your right-hand side


– Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom
– Signature Smoky
– Sunrise Egg
– Acha
– Crunchy Tempura Mushroom
– Zero Cholesterol Soy Burger
– Spicy Indian Tempeh
– Nasi Lemak Burger
– Korean Kimchi Burger

– Next to Tanjong Pagar MRT station

– Efficient & Friendly Staffs
– Well organized operating model

(Combo Set with Smoothie/Salad: Additional $2)
– Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom, $6.90
– Signature Smoky, $7.90
– Sunrise Egg, $3.90
– Zero Cholesterol Soy Burger, $4.90
– Spicy Indian Tempeh, $5.90
– Nasi Lemak Burger, $8.90
– Korean Kimchi Burger, $8.90

– Acha ($2 with any Burger purchased)
– Crunchy Tempura Mushroom, $3.00


Looking forward to trying the burgers from “grEAT” ever since I came across a Facebook post featuring it; made an arrangement with my friends and off we go to Tanjong Pagar Centre for dinner!

grEAT is a Vegetarian FastFood Restaurant that operates with a “Take-out/pick-up” model as follows:
1. Order the Burger, Snacks, Drinks with Ala Carte or Combo option.
2. Make the payment and get a Queue Ticket.
3. Wait for your number to be called through the display screen.
4. Collect your order which will be packed into a paper bag.

Central Area for Vegetarian/Vegan…
– Most Makan Places closed at around 5pm or 6pm on weekdays and some are not opened on Saturdays.
– Obeans ceased operations a few weeks ago.

grEAT came in at the Right Moment! An additional option for vegetarians/vegans to grab a quick bite for dinner in town without breaking the bank.

Catered more for those who are working nearby or will be going somewhere around Tanjong Pagar Centre after work; grEAT is legit a good option for vegetarians/vegans to fill their stomach.

However… I personally do not recommend making a special trip down to grEAT as:
– The food is pre-prepared and not that fresh, burgers & Snacks doesn’t seem to be heated up before serving as they tasted cold.

I made payment at approx 7pm and my order was served within 5 minutes, we headed somewhere nearby to sit down before taking out our dinner. The burgers and snacks were surprising cold and the boxes containing the burgers don’t even have any water droplets formed which by norm there should be water droplets when you put a hot item inside a box. The buns are a bit hard, seems to be left in the open for quite some time and was oxidized.

The Burgers taste just… Meh.. It isn’t that GREAT when compared to VeganBurg or Nomvnom but it may be due to the fact that the burgers were cold.
As for the Acha… It was totally disappointing and we gave up after a few bites. Tasted weird with a slight taste of plastic.

Overall it was quite a disappointment and but on the bright side it has opened up another option in town for vegetarians/vegans to fill their empty stomach.

1st Nov 2017

As you guys read the above review of my disappointment in making a special trip down to try their burgers. *sigh*

I did receive many sharing from friends and viewers to head down for another try to see if it is still the same standard as what I experienced. I believed that they are still new thus there is room for improvement too.

Thus this time around, I am purchasing the Zero Cholesterol Soy Burger at the same timing and place to makan as my previous trip.

The female staff at the counter is very polite and willing to explain every single detail clearly like A4 is a big size of tofu, how long the Burger will take to prepare, guide me to the area where I can sit down to enjoy the Burger and etc.

I am feeling appreciate and thankful for her thoughtful acts and smile. (^_^)
Give this lady some pay raise!!!

I went to the same place where I had the burgers previous time again. The burger is WARM! It really gets me hyped up and it is really big in portion too!

I love the tofu, the sweet black pepper sauce and multigrain burger! Finished it within a short period of time.

2nd Nov 2017

As the previous trip never get to try the A3, Spicy Indian Tempeh due to no more stock. I am passing by the area thus head down and try luck in this burger again.

Never regret to make this trip down! I found the burger I like in grEAT, Spicy Indian Tempeh!

It is spicy enough to increase my craving and temptation after each bite. OMG! 😍

If there is Speed Eating competition of Spicy Indian Tempeh in grEAT, let me know! I finished this burger less than 5 min for sure!

The very first bite given me a shocked impression as it isn’t that “Alamak” to the bad taste of what friend shared. SPICY & SHIOK are the two words that came to my mind instead!

If you guys like Spicy & Tempeh MUST try this burger!

Taste is subjective. Our taste in food might be different.


Burgers & Snacks

Grilled King Trumpet Mushroom, $6.90
– Tasted the best compared to the other 2 burgers below
– Sweet mushroom sauce

Signature Smoky, $7.90
– Crunchy nuts on the buns~
– Spicy (not suitable for those who can’t consume spicy food)

Sunrise Egg, $3.90
– Burger + Sunrise Egg + Vegetable (wow? . . .)
– Pathetic portion size of sauce

Crunchy Tempura Mushroom, $3
– Crunchy even when it is not warm

Acha ($2 with any burger purchased)
(That’s exactly what it look like when first opened)
– Sliced fruits like Banana, Strawberry
– Disappointing

Zero Cholesterol Soy Burger, $4.90

  • Sweet black pepper sauce which gives the sensation of slight feels of spicy and sweet at the same time
  • Tofu is indeed big in size as the burger which is quite filling enough!

Spicy Indian Tempeh, $5.90

  • Spicy & Shiok!
  • Tempeh with rich in protein, vitamins and minerals!
  • Prepare some tissue before start your 1st bite as it is unstoppable! 

Nasi Lemak Burger, $8.90
Nasi Lemak Burger
– Nasi lemak burger sauce taste similar to the sauce comes along with finger food
– Just come with spicy flavour on the sauce
– Nothing much and it is quite salty for me to enjoy it. 

Korean Kimchi Burger, $8.90
Korean Kimchi Burger
– Decent in taste and filling as Nasi Lemak Burger
– Nothing much to comment


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