Hello Bakery & Cafe

Hello Bakery & Cafe

10, Jalan Nipah 13, Taman Daya, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia


Operating Time:
– Daily (Except Monday)
– 8 am to 8 pm

+60 12-236 9030


– 抹茶红豆蛋糕,Matcha Red Bean Cake (Eggless/Non-Dairy)
– 乌打面包, Otah Otah Bread
– 麦片蛋糕, Cereal Cake
– 鸡蛋汉堡, Egg Burger
-乌打披萨, Otah Pizza
– 薯条, French Fries
– 沙爹, Satay (5 pcs)
– 乌打, Otah (5 pcs)
– 土豆泥, Mash Potato
– 三明治, Sandwich
– 热可可, Hot Chocolate

– Inaccessible, remote area
– Plenty of car park in surrounding area

– Prompt in ordering and serving
– Friendly and Polite

抹茶红豆蛋糕,Matcha Red Bean Cake (Eggless/Non-Dairy) – 8 RM
乌打面包, Otah Otah Bread – 3.50 RM
麦片蛋糕, Cereal Cake – 8 RM
鸡蛋汉堡, Egg Burger – 6.90 RM
乌打披萨, Otah Pizza – 13.90 RM
薯条, French Fries – 4.90 RM
沙爹, Satay (5 pcs) – 8 RM
– 乌打, Otah (5 pcs) – 8 RM
三明治, Sandwich – 2 RM
– 热可可, Hot Chocolate – 7.90 RM


While on the way to Hello Bakery & Cafe, the Grab driver and we have doubts whether we are heading towards the right way while following the GPS.

Abstract of the questions asked by the driver:
“This area looks really ULU..”
“Address confirm correct not?”
“Cafe at such ulu area? You guys sure?”

Just when we were having doubts if the address that we have given the driver is correct, we spotted the “Hello Bakery & Cafe” signboard on the left side of the road! *Yay!*
We spotted a Vegetarian Stall beside the Cafe but it was closed for that day.

As Hello Bakery & Cafe just began operation a few months ago, there are only 2 tables and a few chairs for dining in guests. A contemporary style of interior design with lovely cakes on display, it is a stark contrast to the surrounding of the cafe.

For Mataha Lovers like me, I highly recommend that you try their Matcha Red Bean Cake! Smooth Texture with generous creamy Matcha and red bean filling, it tastes nothing like the common cake or pastries we have out there in the market and you will not feel sick from eating too much of it either.

For vegetarians that can’t consume eggs, feel safe to consume them as they are baked without using any eggs! Vegan diet! You may contact them regarding non-dairy cakes before making a trip down.

My friend got the otah otah bread, it looks ordinary but one bite into it brings back memories and the taste of home. He got excited as it tastes similar to the otah that his mum used to make and not like the factory packaged otah commonly sold outside.

11th Nov 2017

We received information that they are releasing menu instead just cakes and bread on 1st Nov 2017. However, we never see anyone posting regarding their menu thus we making another special trip down to surface this underrated cafe!

Among all the dishes that we ordered, personally like the Egg burger set which come with fries at the price of 6.90 RM! The egg is bigger than the bun itself which gives us the excitement! Simple burger with awesome bite!

The cafe is like an oasis in a desert, a gem that is well hidden in a place that is hard to get to; definitely worth the trip 🙂

Hello Bakery & Cafe

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抹茶红豆蛋糕,Matcha Red Bean Cake (Eggless/Non-Dairy) – 8 RM (exclude the drinks)

– Authentic Japanese Matcha Flavor
– Less sweet than usual cake

乌打面包, Otah Otah Bread – 3.50 RM

– Taste of home feels

麦片蛋糕, Cereal Cake – 8 RM
– Unique with special feeling
– slightly sweeter compared with Matcha Red Bean cake

鸡蛋汉堡, Egg Burger, 6.90 RM

  • Simple in appearance yet comes with excitement!
  • Come with Fries to make this meal much more worth it in value!

乌打披萨, Otah Pizza – 13.90 RM
– A Generous portion of Otah and Cheese!
– Thick crust for chewing

薯条, French Fries – 4.90 RM
– Fried at the right temperature for the crispiness

沙爹, Satay (5 pcs) – 8 RM
– 乌打, Otah (5 pcs) – 8 RM

  • Otah is eggless type thus suitable for vegan!

三明治, Sandwich – 2 RM
– Not handmake from the shop
– Quite like the portion in egg mayo and cheese which match well with the charcoal bread

– 热可可, Hot Chocolate – 7.90 RM
– Drink while it is warm!
– Taste drop along with the temperature.


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