vBurg Boulangerie Cafe

vBurg Boulangerie Cafe

74, Jalan Laksamana 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
– Daily (Except Tue)
10 am to 8 pm (Last Order at 7 pm)


– Otah Croissant
– Satay Wholemeal Burger Set
– Signature Handcraft Burger
– Mushroom Soup
– Duo Pull Mushroom Mini Burger

– Easily accessible by the roadside
– Plenty of parking space

– Orders are served promptly
– Staffs who are willing to go the extra mile to provide good customer service

– Otah Croissant, 4.50 RM
– Satay Wholemeal Burger Set, 15.90 RM
– Signature Handcraft Burger, 15.90 RM
– Mushroom Soup, 12.90 RM
– 70% Choco Fanatic, 15,90 RM
– Breads
. Duo Pull Mushroom Mini Burger, 3.40 RM
. Ham Egg Croissant, 3.70 RM
. Wasabi Egg Mayo Baguette, 4.80 RM


The interior of the cafe is a world apart from what you expect when you look at the exterior, the decors give you a Scandinavian feel and the cafe was quite packed when we arrived.

As we entered the cafe, we were greeted by their friendly staff and she proceeds to give us the recommendation and even going the extra mile by checking with her colleague on which dishes are vegan-friendly when she was unsure.

They have quite a young crew who demonstrated good teamwork and maturity with the way they served customers and to ensure the smooth operation of the cafe.

I would like to strongly recommend the Satay Wholemeal Burger Set which completely amazed me, a western kind of arrangement and it tastes as good as it looks which was unprecedented for a vegetarian burger. 

Good food, good location, impeccable service and at an affordable price, what else can we ask for? Definitely worth coming back again!

vBurg Interior Design


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Otah Croissant, 4.50 RM
– Generous overflowing amount of Otah filling!
– Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside~

Satay Wholemeal Burger Set, 15.90 RM
– Tumeric seasoned fries which will get you addicted and craving for MORE!
– Satay is well marinated and the spiciness is just right.

Signature Handcraft Burger, 15.90 RM
– Delicious Sambal Tempeh with Sunrise Egg between the soft buns.

Mushroom Soup, 12.90 RM
– Best mushroom soup I ever had
– Creamy smooth soup paired with french loaf 

70% Choco Fanatic, 15.90 RM
– Must try for Chocolate Lovers!
– Made with 70% Cocoa Powder

– Dou Pull Mushroom Mini Burger, 3.40 RM
– Ham Egg Croissant, 3.70 RM
– Wasabi Egg Mayo Baguette, 4.80 RM

Truffles Fries
– SUPER Salty fries with no taste of truffle at all!

– Hashbrown in ball shape served with Japanese mayonnaise

 Cacao Choco Barry Ice Blended Drinks, 16.90 RM
– Cute in Design #NoDoubt
– A bit bland


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