Roti Prata (JB, 828美食中心)

Roti Prata (JB, 828美食中心)

17, Jalan Pendekar 1, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia


Operating Hours:
Daily (Except Thurs)
– 7 am to 4 pm

One of the Must Come Makan Places for Breakfast in JB!

Food: 5/5
– Banana Prata (While Stock Last)
– Egg Plata
– Plain Prata
– Roti Plaster
– Roti Bom
– Dosa

Place: 4/5
– Ease to pinpoint the location on GPS
– Cab uncles might not know 828 美食中心 as this place is quite new to them

Service: 5/5
– Short Waiting Time after ordering
– Friendly and Cheerful Attitude of the Chef & Sons

Price: 4/5
– Plain Prata – 1.20 RM
– Egg Prata – 2.20 RM
– Banana Prata – 3.50 RM
– Roti Plaster – 2.20 RM
– Roti Bom – 2.00 RM
– Dosa – 1.80 RM


What should we eat for Breakfast? PRATA!
Where? HERE!
These are the standard answer in my mind since the day i came here. Enjoying his prata for one year plus, its standard is maintain through out for every trip i came down.

Previously his stall is located at the other Coffee Shop, a dim dark corner which most people might not know this Prata Stall existence.
I like the way they treat all their customers with Positive Mindset and Cheerful Attitude. Our mood will eventually get brighten up too!

Stall – Located at a corner of the Coffee Shop
(Located corner of the Coffee Stop, near to Road side)
– Orange Shirt is the Father of the 3 sons who is the only chef
– 3 sons will usually come down to help their dad when there is no school on the day.

All Time Favorite:

Banana Prata, 3.50 RM
– 1 Banana for 1 Prata
– Uncle advise not to stack the banana prata onto each other as it will affect the crispiness!
– Sweetness of the Banana + the Crispy of Prata = Yummy!

Plain Prata, 1.20 RM
Egg Prata, 2.20 RM

– Plain Prata taste original with bit of chewy feel
– Egg is nicely spread on the prata itself
– Soak with the Curry sauce = Marvelous Combination!


Roti Plaster – 2.20 RM
– Sunrise egg onto prata

– Interesting style of prata

Roti Bom – 2.00 RM
– Strong Buttery taste
– Oily and Sweet which might not suitable for some people

Dosa – 1.80 RM
– Not crispy type

– Slight sour taste



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