Green Lane Vegetarian Food, 绿园素食

Green Lane Vegetarian Food, 绿园素食

Block 123 Yishun Street 11 (123 Eating House, Coffee Shop)

1.43133, 103.829724

Operating Timing:
– Daily (Closed on Wed)
6.30 AM to 2.00 PM
5.00 PM to 9.30 PM

– 豆酥条, Fried Bean curb Fries 
– 脆炸萝卜糕, Deep Fried Carrot Cake 
– 麻辣锅烧面, Spicy Noodles 

– Located at ulu (inaccessible) location
– Near to roadside
– Accessible by the limited buses available

– Friendly staff with good customer service
– Prompt in taking orders
– Serving time is > 20 min 

豆酥条, Fried Bean curb Fries – $2.80
脆炸萝卜糕, Deep Fried Carrot Cake – $2.80
麻辣锅烧面, Spicy Noodles – $5.00




Long heard about the head chef of Classic Lao Di Fang decided to open his own veg stall at a coffee shop in Yishun after the main branch closed down. Thus I made a special trip from East to Yishun to check out this veg stall!

It took me roughly 15 min to walk from Yishun MRT using Google Map with GPS. It is near to a Chinese Temple but it is considered quite inaccessible due to its surrounding.

At that moment, I am the only customer, however, I waited nearly 20 min for the 1st dish, Fried bean curd fries to be served. Lucky it is perfectly cooked! Same standard as the ones that I tried in Classic Lao Di Fang! ❤

Deep fried carrot cake! This is one of the dishes which let me feel the excitement and make this trip worth it!

Spicy Noodles is strongly recommended by my friends who love this dish a lot. However, I do not really understand the hype and excitement towards this dish. It simply tastes and looks like a decent noodle that added some chilli paste.
I personally feel that this Spicy noodle does not deserve the two character of ” 麻辣“. It is not even a slight taste of “麻” in the 1st place. It should be named as “辣面“ instead of “麻辣”.

A rough estimation of 40 min for all 3 dishes to be served for being the only customer at that period. I am unsure if it is normal or their serving time is really too long. Thus I decided to make another trip down again with friends.

This time round… Due to huge orders in front of us, the waiting time is an hr. The staff did upfront us about the waiting time and we are willing to wait. Food is served within the estimate serving time by the staff thus we are quite satisfied with it!

Even though there is a long queue with a huge crowd, the chef is able to maintain the food standard for every single dish throughout. This is something which can be achieved by a person with lots of experience!


豆酥条, Fried Bean curb Fries – $2.80

– Same standard as Classic Lao Di Fang!
– Never feel sick of eating it!
– Best snack ever!

Deep Fried Carrot Cake, $2.80
– Slight Crispy and Salty at the outer layer
– Its just simply melt in your mouth!
– Best snack ever!

Spicy Noodles, 麻辣锅烧面, $5.00

  • Decent spiciness type of noodles soup for spicy lover~
  • Full of vegetables like sweet corn, cabbage and etc!


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