Dim Dim Sum, 点点心

Dim Dim Sum, 点点心

6 Tin Lok, Wan Chai (Diamond Building)

Operating Timing:
– Daily
10 AM to 12 AM

+852 2891 7677

Dim Dim Sum (Wan Chai)

Interior Layout of the Cafe

– [素] = Vegetarian

– 水晶包
– 黑松露野菌肠
– 松茸汤鲜竹卷,
– 韩风泡菜腐皮卷

– Accessible by public transport
– Located along the street

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

水晶包 – 18 HKD
黑松露野菌肠  – 23 HKD
松茸汤鲜竹卷, – 20 HKD
韩风泡菜腐皮卷 – 24 HKD


While wandering down the street of Wan Chai, came upon the [素] label on one their menu. I decided to give a try and simply order all of the dishes that are suitable for vegetarians at one shot.

There is a language barrier between the staff and me as we only know how to speak our own local language. However, she tried her best to clear my doubts regarding the onion & garlic issue.

Truffle seems to be a common ingredient in Hong Kong as there is at least a dish at an eatery that serves along with truffle. Anything that comes along with truffle, I will just order it and try! 黑松露野菌肠 is a dish of Chee Cheong Fun wrapped with vegetables and truffle. Innovative dish with truffle!

水晶包 is like a bun with fillings but it is translucent in appearance. I had checked with the staff as I suspected there is onion/garlic used as an ingredient due to its weird taste. The staff mentioned that it is safe from Onion & Garlic and I can eat it with ease.
Personal point of view for those who going to order this dish. Before you order this dish in future, please try to double check with the staff or chef about it. Drop me a comment below if there is onion/garlic inside it.

韩风泡菜腐皮卷 is like a wrap with kimchi inside. I like the crispiness of the outer layer which will give the crunchy feeling when I took a bite of it. It has a slightly sour and spicy taste which initially taken me by surprise!
I personally recommend that you finish this dish before it gets cool down where it will lose its crispiness feels.

松茸汤鲜竹卷 is legit like a HUGE bun that made of tofu skin that comes with the generous filling! It completely took me a surprise when it was served to me. It comes with not just one but TWO buns! Beware of the juices which filled inside the bun! It gives me a feel of 汤包!

The serving portion of these dim sum is suitable for 2 to 4 people. I took roughly an hour to finish these dishes as I am really full even before I enter the shop! The staff is nice and keep refilling the kettle as tea will helps in digestion. I wish that we can chit chat without any language barrier.

It is a decent place to hang out with friends who are not having vegetarian diet as us. Decent pricing with decent taste and comes with good customer service. *Thumb up*


水晶包 – 18 HKD
–  Chewy with the generous filling!
– Personally feel that it contain onion/garlic due to its weird taste even though the staff ensure that it does not have. 

黑松露野菌肠  – 23 HKD
– a dish of Chee Cheong Fun that wrapped with vegetables and truffle
– Innovative dish! 
– Mild truffle taste

松茸汤鲜竹卷 – 20 HKD
– like a HUGE bun that made of tofu skin that comes with the generous filling!
– Feel like 汤包 as it is filled with juice inside!

韩风泡菜腐皮卷 – 24 HKD
– the crispiness of the outer layer gives the excitement!
–  a slightly sour and spicy taste
– Eat it while it is warm! 
As it gets cool down, it will lose its crispiness feels.


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