M Garden Vegetarian, 常悅素食

M Garden Vegetarian, 常悅素食

Omega Plaza (Dundas Street, Mong Kok)

Operating Hours:
11 am – 11 pm (Daily)

+852 2787 3128

It located at the 2nd floor of Omage Plaza. Yes! 2nd floor! However, you need to climb all the way up the staircase! Good for exercise and warm up ur stomach before enjoy the Dim Sum!
We came here just for Dim Sum as there is Tea Break Promotion at the period when we found this restaurant.

Customer Service:
– Quite good to be honest
– Staff do not understand english and only able to understand BIT of Chinese language
– Patience to understand what we want to express and request

– MUST eat while it is served WARM!
– Recommend


Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce, 15 HKD (RECOMMEND)
– MUST eat while it is served WARM
– Crispy & Warm at the outside ONCE put into the mouth.. Melt inside!
– Cannot really taste any alcoholic flavor in it

Sweet Sour Deep-Fried Wan Ton, 15 HKD
– Surprisingly BIG in Size!!!
– Crunchy to the MAX!
– there is filling inside even though it look like nothing from the photo
– Dip with the sauce given (might not to your likes)

Mala Mee Siam (Spicy), 26 HKD
– to me.. this is Slow & Steady type of MALA!
however.. to my friend.. she said this one.. no taste at all..
– Quite big bowl if you are eating with other side dishes
– Even it is spicy to me.. however i cant stop eating this!

Organic Purple Rice Dumpling, 19 HKD
– MUST eat while it is served Warm!
– Beware it is SERIOUSLY hot inside too!
– Dip with the sauce provided for better taste


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