Poh Hiong Vegetarian, 宝香素食园

Poh Hiong Vegetarian, 宝香素食园

Add: B-06 ,Taman Kenanga Mewah ,Jalan Kenanga 3/21,Taman Kenanga Seksyen 3 ,75200 ,Melaka.


Operating Timing:
– Daily (Closed on Wed)
7 am to 5pm

0186635699 (Jacky Lee)

– Roti Canai (Plain Prata)
– Roti Telur (Egg Prata)
– Roti Susu (Prata with condensed milk topping)
– Roti Planta (Prata with butter)
– Fried Carrot Egg
Orh Jian (Fried Oyster Omelette)

– Opposite of the playground which easier to spot or recognize 
– Located at the roadside
– Plenty of parking areas nearby

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

Roti Canai (Plain Prata) – 1.00 RM
Roti Telur (Egg Prata) – 2.00 RM
Roti Susu (Prata with condensed milk topping)- 1.50 RM
Roti Planta (Prata with butter) – 1.50 RM
Fried Carrot Egg
Orh Jian (Fried Oyster Omelette)


Whenever traveling to Malacca, I will surely make a trip down to Poh Hiong Vegetarian to have their PRATA for my breakfast! This place is introduced by friend parents who often came here for friends gathering whenever they traveled to Malacca.

Due to their prata usually sold out quite early like 10 AM plus, thus I will wake up early and reach their eatery at 8 AM! I do not want to have the similar experience of heading down and prata are sold out. 😦

Their fried carrot cake, we requested for Black (Sweet sauce) version and it is not those very sweet type! To be honest, it caught me by surprise with its taste as I never tried their fried carrot cake even I came here so often. Neither I have seen any customer order their fried carrot cake before too. If the aunty never suggested their fried carrot cake, I will never ever thought there is one in this eatery.

They also selling Orh Jian (Fried Oyster Omelette) which is more towards the floury side. I have my own benchmark of Orh Jian within Malacca thus ya… However, this is the type of Orh Jian that you prefer? Who knows, right?

Please remember to go to the washroom before heading down to this eatery as their’s Squat position type which you might not prefer it.

If you saw this color of building around the area, you might notice the banner of Poh Hiong! We always recognize the eatery based on the building color and exterior design!

Overall, I really love this eatery not simply just because of their Roti Prata and fried carrot cake. The aunty and uncle are very friendly and able to joke around too! We are able to gather here and chit chat like old days~


Roti Telur (Egg Prata) – 2.00 RM
– Nice prata with nice curry~
– must order this dish from this eatery!

Fried Carrot Cake (Black)
fried carrot cake
– Sweet sauce version
– Not the over0wheleming type of sweetness
– Able to a request for smaller pieces

Orh Jian (Fried Oyster Omelette)
13737560_10155031531709947_480365242100026366_o(sorry for unclear photo)
– Floury type of Orh Jian
– it seems to lack of certain taste for this dish



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