Sri Ananda Bahwan – Vegetarian

Sri Ananda Bahwan – Vegetarian

25, Penang St, Georgetown, 10200 George town

Operating Hours:
Daily, 7 am to 10.30 pm

Before we head down, did done research and found out that there is another Outlet with same stall name as this BUT it is selling non-vegetarian foods.
Reminder: Please check the stall is selling Indian Vegetarian before start ordering the foods.
This is an Indian Vegetarian Store thus most of their foods contain Onion/Garlic. One of the Head Staff told us that it is possible to cook and prepare separate dishes for us without Onion & Garlic during Non-Peak period.
However, as my family and I head down for breakfast which is one of their Peak Period thus we only able to order Prata and enjoy some of their drinks.

Customer Service:
– willing to go for extra mile and try to understand what our diet are
– they have a good communication as other staffs know what the situation is and assist us without repeating

– Love their Prata! Crispy!
– Due to their curry isn’t suitable for us, they serve Sugar in a separate bowl.




(Left is Milo prata & Right is Plain prata)
– Milo isn’t stingy at all! Thumb Up!
– Crispy enough too!


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