Sun Yuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家

Sun Yuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家

No.68, Laluan Rasi Jaya 8, Taman Rasi Jaya, 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak

4.574065, 101.034204

Operating Time:
7.30 AM to 3.00 PM
Closed on Every Monday except 1st and 15th of the month of Lunar Calendar
(Best to call in case they plan to close few days for occasion)


Sun Yuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Name card
name Card


– 咖喱面, Curry Noodles
– 虾汤面, Prawn Noodles
– 叻沙面, Laksa 

– Plenty of car park in surrounding neighborhood

– Prompt in taking orders and serving
– Friendly staff with good customer service

– 咖喱面, Curry Noodles – 3.50 RM
– 虾汤面, Prawn Noodles – 3.50 RM
– 叻沙面, Laksa – 3.50 RM

Sun Yuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Interior Design

SunYuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 – Menu



During our trip in Ipoh, my friend parents introduced this veg stall and exclaimed that their laksa and prawn noodles are very delicious. We order these dishes as we trust in their recommendation in food!

Sun Yuen Vegetarian Centre, 善缘素食之家 is selling mainly the soup based type of noodles like Curry Noodles, Prawn Noodles, and Laksa. Based on the menu, the pricing is considered very affordable type.

These 3 dishes that we ordered are suitable for anyone that who love Spicy food! ❤ It is really tasty with the fierce punches of Spice! *Oh Yeah~*


咖喱面, Curry Noodles – 3.50 RM
Curry Mee, 咖喱面
– Spicy feels kick in when it flows down the throat
– Best for the spicy lover! 

虾汤面, Prawn Noodles – 3.50 RM
IPoh Prawn Noodles, 虾面
– The smell of this dish will stir up your appetite to slurp it!
– Kway Tiao & Noodles are available to choose.
– Soup, flavor, ingredients, noodles, and smell are just completely perfect!
– I will usually order 2 bowls for myself as it is really delicious not to slurp it up! ❤

叻沙面, Laksa – 3.50 RM
Penang Laksa, 拉沙
– Traditional Ipoh Laksa! ❤
– Unable to stop the sensation of eating after taken the 1st mouth! *Mind Blown*
– Taste that tough to find it at elsewhere. 








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