Gokul, Indian Vegetarian

Gokul, Indian Vegetarian
– Without Onion or Garlic
– No Egg, Suitable for Vegan
– Traditional Indian Vegetarian Cuisine
– Few of the food choices are available for those who unable to take Spicy Foods
– Offer Catering Services

Website: http://gokulvegetarianrestaurant.com/

– Main Branch:
19 Upper Dickson
Road Singapore 207478
6396 7769
– Side Branch:
190 Fortune Centre
#01-07 Singapore 188979
6337 4811

According to my friends and personal Observation regarding these 2 of the Outlets, there are some difference..
– Serving Size 
(Main Branch serving is larger in portion)
– Foods Varieties
(Main Branch have more choices)
– Atmosphere
(Main Branch is much more nicer with a cozy feeling)
– Prices
(Main Branch menu recently just changed, their prices are much higher)
Factors that are remain the same for both of the Outlets:
– Friendly and Polite Staffs
(Willing to go extra mile to serve you better)
– Cleanliness
(Hygiene in Preparation for Foods and the Area are Up to Standard)

Recommend + Personal Favorite Foods:

– Cheese Dosa
(Somehow it isn’t stated on any of the menu in both outlets but you are still able to order it through the staff)
Cheese Dosa (Get from Gokul Website)

– Nasi Koreng Kampong
(Spiciness is slightly higher than usual. If you are unable to take Spicy foods, please avoid ordering this dish.)
-> Mix the Chilli with the rice well for 100% Enjoyment!
(Taken from Main Branch, Upper Dickson Road)

– Chicken Rice Set
-> The Key Factor of this dish is the Chicken Rice Chilli!
-> Suitable for Spicy Lover!
(Taken from Main Branch, Upper Dickson Road)

– Indian Rojak
-> The Sauce given is not spicy and you are able to request for more!!!
-> It is best to share with at least a friend as it is kinda filling to finish it by yourself
-> Traditional Indian Rojak!
-> Best Indian Rojak which i ever ate in life within Singapore!
Indian Rojak (Taken from Gokul Website)

Foods that we tried:

– Soup Kambing 
-> It taste unique and it is one of my friends favorite soup
-> But he feel bit disappointed as the Soup Serving and the Breads given are Shrinking to smaller size. Even though the taste is still remain the same as before.
(Taken from Main Branch, Upper Dickson Road)



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