Yang Shen Vegetarian, 养生素食

Yang Shen Vegetarian, 养生素食

5 Jalan MP 15, Taman Merdeka Permai, 75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka

2.2493007, 102.2394588

Operating Timing:
– Daily (Except Monday & Tuesday)
5 pm to 10 pm


– Chicken Rice Ball, 鸡饭粒
– Japanese Popiah, 日式薄饼
– Oyster Omelette (Orh Jian/Hao Jian), 蚵仔煎
– Japanese Nori Sushi
– Hokkien Mee, 福建面

– Plenty of car park in surrounding neighbourhood

– Friendly staff with good customer service

Price: (To be updated after next trip)
– Chicken Rice Ball, 鸡饭粒
– Japanese Popiah, 日式薄饼
– Oyster Omelette (Orh Jian/Hao Jian), 蚵仔煎
– Japanese Nori Sushi
– Hokkien Mee, 福建面


According to friends in Malacca shared that this oyster omelette owner recently just to found a stall and officially start selling again. We collected the information and make a special trip to find his stall.

To our surprise, Yang Shen Vegetarian, have around 4 stalls and none of the dishes is similar! Woah?!

Never get to take photos of each stall as we are excited to find seats and order the food to start our mini feast! We ordered total of 3 plates of the big serving of oyster omelette, 6x of Japanese Nori Sushi, a plate of chicken rice balls (last plate), a roll of Japanese popiah and a plate of Hokkien Mee.

Just based on what we had ordered, you guys should have a rough idea of which food is delicious to 3 of us. *giggling* The moment we finished the first serving within few seconds, we will straight away to order more as it is really delicious!

Orh Jian is so tasty till friends who are not vegetarian also give a thumb up and have the doubts that this is a vegetarian dish! (If we are recording video, you can see their facial expression on the 1st mouth of the Orh Jian!)

We tried a Japanese popiah from one of the stalls which caught us by surprise! One of the popiahs taste like raw vegetables which is quite healthy but we are unable to appreciate it fully. However, the other ones are so crunchy and carry with slightly sweet and salty in taste which makes us craving for more and more! This is another dish which we keep ordering again and again! ❤

Yang Shen Vegetarian (养生素食) has around 5 Separate Vegetarian Stalls within the shop. Each stall specializes in a different kind of food thus no same/similar dishes can be purchased so there will not be competition within the stall owner.


Chicken Rice Balls, the sign is placed on the left side of the wall when you enter.
– Traditional taste of Chicken Rice in the shape of ball
– Flavorful to be enjoyed without any additional sauce or chicken
– Chilli sauce and Roasted chicken are add-on Bonus for this dish!

Japanese Popiah ( without wrapping with seaweed), Located at the side of the entrance, at a small table with a lady preparing it.
– Wrapped with raw vegetables which is a healthier dish among others in this area
– Wonder if they will change with other skin to wrap as it is slightly tough to chew while enjoying the crunchiness of the fresh vegetables.

Orh Jian (Oyster Omelet) Located at the front of the Entrance, an uncle frying there
– One of the best that I had tried in Malacca!!!
– A dish that I will never stop recommends to any Orh Jian lovers who heading Malacca for a trip!
– Slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside!
– Suitable for those who love floury type of dish

Japanese Naori Sushi (Order from the same stall as Japanese Popiah)
– Crunchy fillings which will let people craving more! MORE!!! *internal scream*
(Never take a proper photo as each roll disappear as fast as it served)

Hokkien Mee (Order from the same stall as Orh Jian)
– It looks and tastes completely different from the usual Hokkien Mee that we get to try in Singapore
– It tasted like Ee Mian type. 


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